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In our mission to be a safe church for seekers, we sometimes hear those attending say that they don’t know who someone is. We want you to get to know the faces you see around AC3. We are starting with the Triad, and last time we introduced you to Scott Taylor. Next up, we have Dan Hazen, our Executive Pastor here at AC3!

Questions: Spiritually-minded
  • How I clear my mind after a challenging day:

Brenda calls it “talking to my plants”. I like to walk through the vegetable garden, pluck weeds, check on things, maybe pick some food for dinner…remember that the Creation still obeys God in the midst of crazy human turmoil. If it’s not garden season, then a walk or brain cleansing TV might do the trick.

  • When I declared I was going to walk along with God, instead of away from him:

Probably around the time Kellie, my oldest daughter, was born. Looking back on it, I felt I needed to be able to give her some guidance, and though I didn’t know who/what/if this God was, I was not going to quit until I got answers.

Dan and Brenda, his wife
  • Change I’d like to see among Christians today:

A commitment to move away from Imperial values and embrace Kingdom values. Chief among these would be selfishness vs. servanthood. The current empire (right/left, east/west, gay/straight, white/black, whatever) is built on the same value: self. Too many Christians have embraced self-expression, self-promotion and self-serving, but are convinced it’s o.k. because it’s been decorated with some Christian frills. I would love to see more Christians make significant lifestyle changes that reflect the three Loves: Love God by embracing spiritual disciplines, not just once a month church attendance. Love the church by really getting involved in service and in groups. Love the world by living differently, living simply so they have margin to share with open hearts and hands to engage with outsiders.

  • Moment I saw significant change in my servant life:

When I was invited to be part of the church band, even though I was not a Christian yet, my hair was WAY too long for most church-folk, and I had a little bit of an attitude. But I was allowed to bring MY gifts to the game. I found others who cared about the craft of making music as much as I did, and who welcomed me just as I was. I realized that serving WITH others was a pathway to loving them, loving God and being loved in return.

  • Advice I’d give to Younger Me:

Don’t be so concerned with what other people think of you. Slow down.  Brush your teeth regularly. Stop wishing you were someone else and get busy being who God made you to be.

  • Gifting I most admire:

Helps. There’s something magical about watching people with this gift in action (my son-in-law Tim, Mark Holland, Dea Braaten). It’s like they have a sixth sense, and they know when they’re needed…they just materialize at your side like a super-hero. It’s counterintuitive, but it’s one of the more visibly super-natural gifts.

  • Favorite serving experience:

Toss-up between spiritual direction and drumming. The first has all the potential and intimacy of a counseling session, but without the grief that usually precipitates it. And there’s nothing like making music with others, especially when you sense that you’ve helped moved a whole room of people closer to God.

  • 3 disciplines/habits that keep me connected to God:

Silence. Solitude. Stillness.

Questions: Secular-minded 
  • What book left a lasting impression on you?

The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.

Dan and his daughters, Kellie and Robyn
  • If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pud Kee Mao. Pork. 5 stars.

  • There is a zombie apocalypse…What is your weapon of choice?


  • Marvel or DC?

Comics are non-binary. Archie and Jughead.

  • Beach or Mountains? Why?

Mountains. I mean, I love the beach – it’s a family tradition. But there’s a diversity and connectedness I find in the “big trees”. You can’t get “inside” the ocean around here like you can get “inside” the mountains.

  • What is your favorite sport to watch? Team to follow?

Dude. Sports?

  • Favorite season? Why?

Used to be Autumn…Spring is now gaining favor. I think as I get older, the arrival of new life takes on more meaning.

  • What is your idea of a dream vacation?

Walking the El Camino De Compostela with family and friends.

  • What are your top 3 hobbies?

Gardening. Music. Hiking.

  • Morning person or night owl?


  • Best advice I’ve ever gotten:

It’s not all about you, so relax.


57 year old husband of 31 years, father of two, drumming Gardner.