It’s That Time of Year

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Yes. It’s that time of year. Summer is drawing to a close, school supplies and the latest in fashion accessories are being purchased at local department stores by families getting ready to start their school-year routine. So what, if anything, does this mean for AC3 and it’s littlest seekers? A lot!

Over the next several weeks, our Kreek Kids leadership team is getting ready to start their ministry-year routine. They’re implementing plans that will best meet their ministry mission: Partnering with parents to raise up the next generation of heroes in the faith! Rooms will be viewed with fresh eyes, schedules will get finalized and new and returning volunteers will be encouraged to get their God-given gifts in the game. Why? Because children’s ministry matters!

Children’s Ministry Matters Because:

1) Children are a GIFT from God – They are a reward from Him. (Psalm 127:3) It’s been fun to watch the many GIFTS that AC3 has been entrusted with over the years. Each child is uniquely packaged in a different shape and size, but all with a desire for direction and encouragement. You can easily spot these spirited and energetic little ones around AC3. These GIFTS from God are sure to reward you with a smile:)

2) Children MATTER to God – Let the little children come to Jesus. It’s quite a statement that Jesus actually took offense when people tried to keep children from him or could cause a little one to stumble. (Mark 10:13-16, Matthew 18:5-6) A child’s safety and faith development matters to God and so it should to us. We can help keep them safe and direct them on their own path toward Jesus. (Psalm 119:105)

3) Children are DISCIPLES, Now and LaterMatthew 18 reminds us that we can learn a lot from children and their ability to follow, worship, and grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man, just as Jesus did. (Luke 2:52) A 2015 Survey confirms that 63% of Christians accepted Jesus Christ between the ages of 4 and 14 starting their discipleship journey early in life. And just like eating a Now & Later candy, ‘It’s Always a Good Time’ to help disciple and positively influence a child:)
4) Children are FUTURE LEADERS in Our Church –  God’s Word is filled with examples of what passing on our faith to the next generation looks like; when it’s done right and when a generation fails. Leaving a legacy of faith requires a partnership between parents and their faith community; the local church. (Psalm 78:1-7) Our children are learning to lead now and will be fully in charge much sooner than we think! The question is: how passionately and purpose-filled will we nurture and disciple them so they can help lead the next generation to Christ?
Dwight L. Moody once said, “If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.” He understood that children are a gift from God and that their faith development is important, for their sake and the generations to follow.
As we each prepare to embark on our own household’s school-year routine, let’s ask the question, “What can I do to insure that children’s ministry matters at AC3?” Children’s ministry is one of the most futuristic and strategic ministry partnerships of the Church and we can each be a part of it.
So whether you are an encourager, a defender of the weak, a quiet helper, a growing leader, a first time teacher or a captivating story teller, your partnership in raising up the next generation is valued. What you do is important to His purposes not just now, but for generations to come!
It’s fun serving along AC3 parents and volunteers. I would love to meet over coffee and discuss how you can best partner with us in Kreek Kids, our children’s co-op ministry at Allen Creek Community Church. Contact me by email or leave a message at 360-659-7335 ext. 202 and I’ll get back to you shortly!


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