Rapt Devotion

Sitting outside Dairy Queen in the pouring rain watching a first “date” is where I began writing this evening.  The young woman sitting to the left and the young man to the right are enjoying one another’s company. She giggles, he smiles.  They eat their sweet treat while getting to know each other. Oblivious to the world around them.

Rain pounding on the van roof reminds me that I need to write, to write, to write!  The subject: Identity in Christ. Some kind of identity in Christ I’m displaying spying on this young couple.  I think back to the time I became a seeker. I longed to sit with Him.  The desire to talk about Him was infectious. Smiling was all I could do when thinking of the next afforded time to rest and read more about Him.  I couldn’t take my eyes off Him. Getting to know Jesus is like…dating. Don’t know if that is hubris to say, but I can’t help but make that connection sitting here tonight.

It is unfortunate, but as with dating, infatuation begins to wane.  Becoming preoccupied with life, filled schedules, dropping off kid 1 here-kid 2 there, meeting after meeting, laundry, cooking, laundry, cleaning, laundry (I have two teen girls, is it obvious?) becomes the norm.  Time for facing Him, looking into His loving eyes, time standing so still nothing, and no one to interrupt rapt devotion; that time slips away under the guise of “Busy”.

Remembering back to my first Women’s Retreat, I was more concerned about what I would pack than what I would experience.  The Homestead is an amazing gift on the outskirts of Snohomish. The rolling hills, luscious flowers, and landscape are breath taking.  The staff take care of visitors with delectable meals, warm smiles, and spacious grounds to wander.

On one such wander I found a tree growing up an around a rusted truck.  Time had worn away every part of the once useful vehicle. Nature’s crude art sculpture among the foliage growing up, around, through; consumed it bit by bit, year after year.  When contemplating the busy tasks of parenting, working, and obligations, that rusted-out truck comes to mind. Unspecified time taken for our restoration can be like nature’s determination to take back, break down, and eventually devour back into the earth.

Gazing upon the couple, future comes to mind.  Where will she be in 10 years? Balancing life, I imagine in her own way.  My sincere hope is she makes time for restoration in the midst her “Busy”. Identity in Christ doesn’t mean that Christian’s have it all together and display all attributes of Christ. It does mean we constantly pursue Jesus and long to be with Him, our captivated eyes fixed upon Him. Scheduling time for that type of restoration is crucial.

AC3 Women’s Retreat is coming up May 18-20.  I’m putting aside the laundry, assigning cooking to hubby, and taking restorative time to meet up with Jesus again.  Each retreat attended I have found rejuvenation, revival, an opportunity to face Jesus, look into His eyes, and remember to whom I belong.

The date is over.  Here they come. “How was ice cream?” I ask my daughter, my once little girl.  Her smile says it all.

For more information about AC3’s Women’s Retreat, visit our event on Facebook, or contact Trina Perry at mtperry02@yahoo.com