Did Eve Have to Leave The Garden with Adam Or Could She Stay?

QUESTION: Did Eve have to leave the garden when Adam was kicked out? Did she have the option to stay? Or did God spell out that she would go with her husband because her desire would be for him?  Also, the question has come up….was she only deceived by the serpent (Satan)? Or did Adam play a part in deceiving her as well?

RESPONSE:  It’s clear that Eve left the Garden with Adam. The very next verse after the banishment, they are together forming a family (4:1). The Bible never says Eve was forced out, but it’s reasonable that they are both included in the banishment.  There’s no good reason to think she either had the opportunity to stay or wasn’t indicated in the same banishment verses with Adam (Gen 3:22&24).

This is made clear from the fact that both Adam and Eve are cursed for sin and God makes them both skin coverings (- they both carry shame which God covers by sacrifice, presaging the grace of the cross). So she goes with him, not because she freely chooses to go with him, but because she shares equally with Adam in the guilt that forced them from Paradise.

Adam never deceived Eve.  However, much has been made of the fact that in Genesis 3:6 she gives fruit to Adam who “was with her”. If he was right there, why isn’t he protecting her? Why is he not clarifying God’s command for her? This is a real failure of his role as one-flesh mate, and his role to be her source as “head”, but it’s not active deception.