Paying Attnetion

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It’s amazing what we notice when we try; what we don’t when we are not mindful.

This view awaited everyone racing along 88th Street this morning. As I snapped this pic, cars and trucks were whizzing past just 5 feet away. If I didn’t give you that context, where would you have guessed this picture was taken?

Just 100 yards further down the road, and these two iconic symbols jump out against the brightening sky. One reminds me of freedom, opportunity, hope and courage while simultaneously making me feel sad…a sense of loss at the divisions which wrack our society and tear at every seem in that fabric. The other beckons me to indulge, to “express myself”, to conceal greed within a socially conscious costume….and then there is the sky beyond…ever present, and yet even it too: passing through the fingers of the Creator who calls the Earth His footstool.

And then…on my return trip, a glimpse of this “patient fisherman” – yet another symbol but this one reminding me that time is short, that there is work to be done. There are people for whom I care deeply who have not as yet welcomed the Christ as Lord and Savior.

The sound of cars whizzing past me creates the illusion of “freedom”; people speeding along through their days, exercising choices, making decisions, making noise, making work, making heat. Then there’s the flag. It speaks of political “freedom” freedom of expression, and freedom from responsibility (everyone is “free” to blame someone else, from the top down.) And every global conglomerate would have me thinking that they are selling me their own brand of “freedom” too.

Have it your way. Treat Yo’self. Just be sure to do it here…

And yet this patient fisherman reminds me that freedom lies only in surrender to the One Who Is Worthy.


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