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So everything is online these days… Our lives are busy and so our schedules are tight. Trying to find a day and time to study together that works for more than one person at a time is increasingly difficult.

Recently, I’ve been playing with some different online “team” tools for work and it occurred to me that they may be an ideal way for AC3rs to interact together through a book study.

Regarding exactly how it might work… I currently have more questions than answers – but I’m looking for other AC3rs who would be interested in experimenting with the online study format and maybe helping to refine it a bit.

It wouldn’t be a huge commitment of time, perhaps just a few months of occasional online interaction – at your own pace. We can carry on from there if it is working out for everyone. I would like to take away some learnings about the online study experience as much as from the book study itself – what made it awesome!?! what made it suck!?! etc. I am open to suggestions for the book(s) we take on as a group – perhaps we can vote on some ideas once formed?

Any interest in trying the experiment with me? eMail me at my name at spare wonder .com (don’t want to post my actual full email address… spambots… you know…)