#Advent2016 – Day Seven

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Lori’s Reflections

I would like to trade in some of my old things for new ones this Advent season. Some of my stuff is worn out and tired, and it just doesn’t fit anymore. I’m ridding myself of some things that have been cluttering up my space.
I’d like to trade comparing for gratitude.
I’ll give up my worry for peace and tranquility.  
I’m happy to chuck busy-ness for being still.
I’ll trade in half of the time I spend learning about God just to commune with him.
I’m going to give up telling God who He is and let Him tell me.
And I will unclasp my hands to let loose so many baseless answers I have accumulated along the way to make room for the wonder and mystery of my Redeemer.

I have a feeling that these Christmas trades will be the best presents ever. And because I am part of the bride of Christ, He will gladly give them to me. In fact, He already has if I will only let myself experience them. I am definitely marrying up.