Great Leadership Lesson From Hawks Brutal Tie

Many of you watched the game last night.  Brutal, I know.  Both teams’ kickers could have won it, and missed chip-shot field goals.  If you’re sports-nerdy enough, you not only watched the agony unfold, you also watched the post-game press conferences.  Something struck me about how the two coaches handled their two kickers – what an interesting contrast.

Then this morning this article picked up on it:

Coach Arians, Coach Carroll

Leaders, when our people fail (and they will) there’s a million ways we can throw them under the bus.  Not reassigning them, without telling them why.  Silent treatment.  Gruff verbal response.  Even trying to ignore a big mistake can be a way of diminishing them.  But coach Pete showed me again what it’s like to have someone’s back when they fall.  The game was a disappointing tie – picking up someone you lead when they’re at their lowest?  Total win!