Who’s Your Legacy PAL Connection?

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NOTE: Our Legacy Pal program is currently not in operation but it could be! if you would like to coordinate ‘Secret Pal’ connections for one year, read on. Then contact Twila for details.

There has been a growing desire at AC3 to partner with and encourage families to grow and walk out their faith in Biblical community. But how?

Wendy Fahrney, a fellow AC3’r, has felt the nudge to be part of the answer. She’s been wanting to do something that can help connect, encourage and grow AC3 families; young and old. Something that requires a minimal time commitment, is easy and focused. Something with a ‘Secret Pal’ element in it to keep it engaging and fun. Something like Legacy P.A.L. Connections!

Legacy PAL Connections was born out of a desire to help nurture a  growing culture of PRAYER for the next generation in an ALLIANCE of adults, parents and youth who want to LIVE OUT their legacy of faith together.

There are a couple different ways to get plugged into Legacy PAL Connections:

1. Become a Legacy PAL. (PAL Info Flyer) Legacy PALs are individuals who care about the next generation and come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some PALs may be young adults, while others are older. They may be single, while others are married. Even high school students who want to pray for, encourage and surprise a younger child at AC3 may be a Legacy PAL.

2. Nominate your child to have a Legacy PAL. (PAL Info Flyer) At the following link, you will find an easy and fun application form to fill out with the child. It will help your Legacy PAL to get to know your child and your family better so they can personalize their letters.  Please complete and turn applications in at the Kreek Kids Check-In Desk promptly and no later than March 31st. PALs will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis starting in March.

Imagine the impact a Legacy PAL might have on each child by praying for them regularly.

Imagine the curiosity and wonder a child might feel as they envision who their Legacy PAL might be.

Imagine warming the hearts of AC3 families and creating rich soil where the seeds of friendship can grow in biblical community at AC3.

Imagine you,  yes YOU, being an agent of change by saying yes to the nudge God may be giving you:)

If you would like to be a Legacy P.

Kreek Kids Director: Twila Crain 360-659-7335 EXT. 202
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