Looking Back…

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Looking back over the year…

by Guest Blogger: Alicia Christiansen

Over the past year I have realized that I have gained so much in such a small amount of time. My journey began back in August of 2014. I wanted to find Easton a preschool nearby and Bethlehem Lutheran came to mind. I already knew the teachers and was comfortable with the church as well as the curriculum. However, something was pulling at my heart strings into a different direction. A gal I went to school with shared a posting from Prepare the Way Preschool at Allen Creek Community Church on Facebook. I sent her a message and she explained to me that this was the school’s first year and that I should really check it out. I took her advice and found myself calling the school and scheduling a tour of the facility.

My first impression of Miss Chandra was forever a lasting one. The warm smile from her gleaming face said it all! Walking through the church I realized that everything about it just felt right. Before I knew it, I had Easton enrolled and ready for his first day of Preschool at Allen Creek Community Church. Over the next several weeks I began to build several friendships among the preschool moms, especially one in particular, Jamie Williamson. This girl has made a lasting impression on me. I would have never thought I’d be attending a church, accept Christ as my Lord and Savior, and get baptized all within a year!

God continued to call me into a direction I never thought I’d follow. I had a hard time trying to find my place in the church. I was lost at where my need would be fulfilled. I volunteered in the Kreek Kids Co-op on one Sunday morning to see what it was like. That was the day God answered my prayer. I was sitting in a rocking chair watching Veggie Tales with a couple of the kids in the Nursery.  Suddenly, a small child climbed onto my lap and laid against me as he watched the show peacefully. I was in utter awe. At that moment I felt God tugging at my heart once more. This is where I was needed. God wanted me to be there for the kids and much more.

I began meeting with Twila to discuss many opportunities in Kreek Kids. There were several needs in the ministry that I was suddenly overwhelmed. I prayed about it to the Lord and he answered. Twila and I came up with a position that contained a mixture of many roles. Before I knew it, I was taking on the new role as Team Mom for our Kreek Kids Ministry! With the help and guidance from Twila, our ministry has accomplished so much. We have a monthly bulletin board with tons of info, healthier snack options, new toilet seats for potty training, and a quarterly event to appreciate all teachers and volunteers in Kreek Kids!

As I look on to the future, I pray that the Lord continues to show me what I’m called to do. My confidence has increased and my anxiety is almost inexistent since I have attended Allen Creek Community Church. Not only does my Father see a change in me, but my peers see it as well. My faith will continue to grow as long as I have my brothers and sisters at the place I call home, AC3.

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  1. Chandra White

    I love your story Alicia! I am so thankful that God brought you and your family to us. He is doing great things through you! I'm so proud of you for listening to Him and taking steps forward as He asks you to move. Love you like crazy!!

  2. Twila Crain

    If you have not meet Alicia yet, make sure you do. You'll be glad you did! To the BEST HOUR and Beyond in Kreek Kids! https://www.facebook.com/AC3KreekKidsCoOp/

  3. tiffani M-R

    Lots of love to you! Thank you for the willingness to answer the call of ministry, for being a faithful servant and for being apart of our church family ♡♡ God is so good

  4. Jared Galde

    Than you for sharing! God is so good. AC3 is blessed by you, Alicia!

  5. Jan H

    God is so good to answer us, and all we need to do is listen and be still to receive the answer. Well done my friend. 🙂 Looking forward to spending a lifetime with you, and all our sisters and brothers in Christ at AC3. We are FAMILY!!!

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