From a Teacher’s Point of View

Guest Blogger: Wayne Clinton

During our Popcorn and Parable Series (November 2015), our Kreek Kids classes studied two stories called parables found in Luke 15.

During Saturday’s teaching time with our K-5th grades,  we had ten hidden cut out sheep in the room that the kids had to find.  They also had four silver coins that they had to find. These activities lined up with the “looking for lost things” in the parable stories; Lost Sheep/Lost Coin. Once they had found them all, we decided to celebrate just like they did in each parable. We made invitations to hand out and invite individuals in our lobby to come up and celebrate with us. During the dinner break, before worship, our chaperoned students went down and invited six middle schoolers to come up and join us at our party.

We had chocolate milk, sparkling cider, chips, pretzels, gummy worms and chocolate chip cookies along with our main dish, chicken noodle soup. What a celebration! And the music…it was a good gathering!

We learned that the true meaning behind the parables Jesus told were really about people, and not coins and sheep. And that people truly matter to Jesus. The kids, both K-5th and our middle schoolers had a great time! In fact, our guests went down and brought up other middle school guests and then the pre-K kids came and joined in. It was a great night!

So if your looking to help make Kreek Kids a safe place where kids can come, learn, have fun in a variety of creative ways, all while learning the truths in God’s word, check out Kreek Kids Saturday nights or Sunday mornings. It’s always a joy to see new faces:)

Wayne Clinton

One of Kreek Kids Saturday Night Teachers

SPECIAL INVITE!  January 16 & 17, 2016: THIS weekend, during our Enter the Worship Circle Series, don’t miss Wayne’s creativity in action in the auditorium during each service; Saturday 6pm, Sunday 9 and 10:30am!  Directions to AC3 ~Allen Creek Community Church

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