The Armor of God

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Well, it happened again.  Someone recommended something to me (in this case a recipe), telling me how wonderful it is, how much I’d love it.  I tried it and, meah, pft…I’m not so crazy about it.  I was left disappointed, wondering if I should ever trust this person’s opinion again. (It was my sister.  I’ll trust her again!)  Has that ever happened to you?  Someone promises “great things”, “amazing results” or at the very least “a great tastebud hit”, you take their recommendation and are sadly let down? Yeah?  Well, I call what that someone did ‘over-selling’.  And though I really try not to build something up too much at the risk of over-selling – and though I’m risking over-selling now – I simply MUST highly recommend this winter’s Women’s Forum!!  Because I’m convinced what you’ll learn has the potential to change your life.

Here are some of the details:  For seven Mondays, beginning January 11, 2016, we’ll be sharing space as video presenter Priscilla Shirer brings us the study called The Armor of God.  We’ll enjoy some of the typical Forum shenanigans (The Purse Game, door prizes, yummy snacks, discussion time, etc.) from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.  There is a great ‘listeners’ guide’ which will be distributed each week BUT for the first time ever, we’re strongly recommending participants do the daily work presented in the Bible Study Book also.  (Available at Amazon for about $20).  Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to fund the purchase of these books for everyone, but if your budget allows consider this a great investment.  (Doing the daily work is NOT required – no one will ever know if you do or do not purchase the book.)

I’ve previewed every video session (there are 7) and I am inspired…motivated…compelled to view my enemy in a different way; the armor as not an option, and the victory is secure when I suit up!  I’ve heard about doing battle against the enemy, putting on ‘the armor’, many times.  In fact, I’ve been part of a presentation at Visioncast where this information was shared.  However, in this year’s Women’s Forum video series, I believe the Holy Spirit will work in your life (as He continues to do in mine) to use this material to make a difference!  And I DON’T believe this is an over-sell ☺.

We’ll be set up in the auditorium – as has been our norm in years past.  If you’ve attended before, please consider yourself SO welcome!  If you’ve NEVER ATTENDED a Women’s Forum, please consider this a great expenditure of your time.  The Leadership Team will do all we can to welcome you.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

As I’m typing this, many of your faces spring to mind.  Some of you have attended Women’s Forums before.  If you’re in this category, I hope you’ll attend THIS one – if nothing else, just to see if I’ve over-sold it ☺.  If you have NOT attended before, I encourage you to give it a try.  Because, ladies, if EVER we as women specifically, human beings in general, find ourselves in a battle, IT. IS. NOW.  We all know it – violence all around us, moral decline and decay threatening our culture, our families, our lifestyle, our religious freedom and most importantly our spiritual health and well-being.  If EVER we’ve needed to be ‘armed’ and ready to fight for our lives IT. IS. NOW.  If EVER we need to understand what it means to stand against the spirit of darkness, the forces of evil, IT. IS NOW.

So my encouragement to you is this:  as you consider attending this year’s Women’s Forum, hold your expectations about what you’ll experience loosely if you must (‘Will they be ready for me? Will I feel welcome? Will they have the kind of snacks I like?’ etc.) But DO come expecting GREAT THINGS from our God.  When we consider His Word – the promises therein, the life-change promised, His love for His children – is there really such a thing as ‘over-selling’?!

I hope you can join us!  Blessings!
Deb Jarnagin