First Fruits Co-Op…

Hello Everyone,

God is good——That statement just does not fill the HUGE space in my heart for what God can and DID do this year at the Farm–First Fruits. Can’t wait to see what kind of harvest we have this year, most of which was given to Seeds of Grace, the AC3 Food Bank. First Fruits Co-op members also harvested food for themselves.

The key ingredient is “US”, working in concert with our Creator to do his bidding in HIS DIRT!!!! I pray that you all will be blessed by God this year and renewed to come back next spring as we begin a new harvest year.Peace and Gratitude, Jan Hayes
Co-Op Manager

“The words above were posted on the AC3 website 5 years ago approximately and still apply today-with one little addition. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD! 🙂 He has blessed this Farm and the Land Owners and all the members abundantly these last 5 years and I’m so grateful for those blessings, good healthy food for my family and friends, new and WONDERFUL friendships, a loving family integrated into my life when their Land was donated to use for Gods Purpose, Our church AC3 grew for the Kingdom, souls that will follow our Lord – Mathew 25; 34-40. This is our path at First Fruits and Seeds of Grace. God be with you this year my friends. Come join us at the Farm this year!

Peace Jan