Creek Espresso: This is Where I Belong

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“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,

faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10

Hello AC3! My Name is Stephanie Moddison. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the manager of Creek Espresso, the coffee bar in our lobby. 
My husband, Nate and I. 
I started coming to AC3 back in January 2013. We were just “checking out churches,” and AC3 happened to be the first one on the list. After a month of coming to weekend services, we were hooked. It felt right. It felt like this was the church for us. A church where we felt welcomed, regardless of our story.
Only a few months later, we started getting the urge to serve. But where? I was a very pregnant full time Café Manager and District Trainer at Barnes & Noble (with a horrendous commute). How would I possibly have time to serve? I’m too busy. I’m too tired. Maybe after I have the baby. I was full of excuses.

Fast forward to October 2013.

My husband started serving at AC3 by drumming once a month with the worship team. It made him so happy to be using his talents to serve the Lord and our church community.
I started asking myself, where do I belong?

After the New Year, we were so upset to find out that the C-Bar had closed. We reached out to find out what happened and if the lobby coffee bar would still be open. After finding out that the lobby coffee bar needed help, God was tapping me on the shoulder. This is where you’re gifted. This is where you can serve.
Is this where I belong?

I went to my first BAM (Business as Mission) meeting in February, and felt my calling. The lobby coffee bar needed help, and needed the gifts I have received to serve others. But I was hesitant. Even though I had recently become a stay at home mom, I still questioned the time commitment. I have an 8 month old. How would I possibly have time to serve AND sleep?

So I prayed.

I helped out with training and inventory for a few months while Jared handled the financial side of things. I wasn’t “all in,” but I felt that I was serving just enough for what our family could handle at the time.
I kept praying. 
Please Lord; show me the path you want me to follow, I feel connected to this church. Connected to this coffee bar. I want to help. I want to belong to something meaningful. I want to serve YOU!
So He led me.
Things got easier. Systems were put in place. We made lots of changes to make the coffee bar more profitable for our Community Center. I was ready to be “all in!”
I took over full operations of the newly named Creek Espresso in September after feeling God answering my prayers. God is so good. The story of this transition is truly wonderful.

This is where I belong, Creek Espresso is my way of administering God’s grace.

Every week I look forward to what we can do to make Creek Espresso more successful. Every week I look forward to working with our amazing volunteers, who bring so much joy to this endeavor. And every week I thank God for His guidance and motivation to get me to where I am now.
So I will ask… where do you belong? Are you feeling the call to serve? Listen to that call, because the gifts you have received CAN make a difference. The gifts you have received have been given to you for a reason.

How can you administer God’s grace?

Creek Espresso is located in the lobby at Allen Creek Community Church.
Hours of operation:
Saturday 5:30pm-8pm (closed during service) & Sunday 8:30am-12pm.
We are always accepting new volunteers. If you’re interested, stop by when we are open or email

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