Precious Moments; Kids and Communion

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As you may have noticed, and or been a part of, our children at AC3 have been more involved in our weekly church services. Our leadership’s vision is for our kids to know what’s happening inside our church, get a sense of what we do, why we’re doing it and to be involved themselves. This is all in hope that each child will have their own moments where God is touching their hearts and they can look back upon these moments as they grow.
If you missed this, please check out the AC3 Video Blog, Rick and Dan’s take on worshiping with our “short people” around AC3.

For me, I look back at moments when God was reaching in to my life and I didn’t have the tools to know what was happening. I made poor decisions and never followed where The Holy Spirit was leading me, I had no clue what that even meant. It’s a passion of mine to help my kids and the youth here at AC3 to know that the tools to decipher these interactions are at their disposal.

Little Ones in the Services

Ok so I have to get this public service announcement from the father of two little rambunctious boys off of my chest. Those of us at church who have little guys, we know that they’re a distraction, that they’re noisy and trust me when I tell you that we know all about anxious feelings that come with the thought of somehow letting our little guys get in the way of someone’s moment with God.

I’m certain these distractions will settle as the kids get more and more used to being in there with us. So please try to look at the beauty in sharing these moments with the whole family and know that we’re working diligently to get the little ones worshiping with us and limiting distractions.

Communion for my family

Bet (my wife) and I have two little boys, both very different, both incredibly awesome. Our oldest, Liam is 4 and he’s already a more spiritual being than I was at age 30. For example, he prays when he “has bad words in his head” for Jesus to take them out of there for him. That’s just how Liam rolls.

Needless to say, Liam loved our first all family communion this past month where the kids walked to the back of the auditorium and met elders there to help them learn about communion as they had juice and a snack. He soaked it up and talked all about how Jesus gave us snacks to symbolize his broken body. He’s creating moments that he may remember for the rest of his life, right now. It’s incredible to be a part of God reaching his heart at such a young age and I’m looking forward to many more of these amazing moments.

Integenerational Communion This Weekend!!

So, our leaders have decided we’ll do communion in a variety of different ways for the little ones to determine which is best. This weekend, they’ll get a “Remember IT” snack pack when they walk in the room equipped with a small booklet for their parents to go through with them.

Hope to see you this weekend!!

-Jared Galde