AC3 VB39 Crossing Over – The Paranormal Musical

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We have a new series starting this weekend “Crossing Over – The Paranormal Musical” that you will not want to miss! Rick and Dan talk about our new series that will cover; Ghosts, Angels/Demons, Hell & Heaven in this weeks video blog. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. David Kimball

    when I was a alterboy (64-65ish) on a July day, 90 degrees out, in San Jose, Ca, no air-conditioning, during a memorial service(funeral) , in the Cannon of the Mass a really freezing wind went across the alter. The Priest started shaking and after the mass the Priest left right away and he usually stays and talks to us. I later found out the guy that the memorial service was for was a member of the mafia. So, was that cold wind the devil coming for this guy's soul? I think it as.

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