“This is a busy place!”

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So, I came storming into the office last night at about 6:15 to grab my pack and other stuff after spending an hour hauling compost around the A&T High School vegetable garden.

I was in a hurry, because I needed to load up some bins from Seeds of Grace and return them  to the First Fruits Co-op after they were emptied of around 50 lbs of fresh produce that were picked and distributed from the Food Bank earlier that afternoon.

I almost didn’t notice the three strangers sitting in the Conference as I blew by. I reversed course, stuck my head in and introduced myself. Turns out these folks are the leaders of a new group meeting here at AC3: Families Anonymous, a support group for people who have family members trapped in drug addiction. This was their second week meeting here at AC3.


We chatted for a few minutes, sharing our recovery stories (I’m coming up on 20 years) and getting to know each other. I was talking about some of the things going on around here, trying to explain why the Executive Pastor was sitting in front of them in a sweaty t-shirt smelling of compost, when one of them blurted out quite matter-factly, “Wow – this is a busy place!”


It is.

Before I was really conscious of what I was saying, I responded, “What good is a church that’s not busy doing God’s work?”

It’s true.

I thought of everything going on with AC3 people on this particular Wednesday…just the stuff I could “see”… and it was pretty amazing:

  • Johnna, Rick and Jeff were running around getting the Auditorium set-up for “Step into the Story”.(beginning this weekend – it’s gonna be SO cool!)
  • Braeden and Brandon along with their crew of leaders were getting RELIC (Jr. High group) under way with a big water balloon party.
  • Earlier, in the Lobby, we had hung up some amazing new art by AC3 artist Janet Myer.
  • I had the chance to meet with a Seeds of Grace client looking for rent assistance AND meet with a long time counselee to talk about continuing Godly behaviors and growth in his family life.
  • Julie was madly dashing between tasks all day (her usual state).
  • I briefly caught a glimpse of my beautiful wife, Brenda, as she sorted food for distribution at Seeds.
  • Glee, Kathy, Twila and others served a couple of dozen senior and disabled folks at Seeds.
  • I eyeballed one of the doughnuts on the table; leftover from that morning’s Men’s Bible Study.
  • Pat and Linda came in for their usual Wednesday book keeping tasks.
  • Jan, Tina, Keri, Linda, Chris, Kim Greg, Tracy and I hosted a group of students from Cocoon House in Everett up at the First Fruits Farm…
Some of the Crew from Cocoon House with AC3 Volunteers
…and that’s just the stuff I knew about. I guarantee there was more happening.
There are those who think “church” is a building.
There are those who think “church” is where judgmental people hide from those they judge.
There are those who think “church” is a social club.
There are those who think “church” is where the perfect people reside.
Those are wrong.
Church without walls…wanna be a part of it?


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