Moving Forward: One-Way Giving to Two-Way Giving

Seeds of Grace, a compassion ministry of AC3 is changing! We will be inviting SOG clients to partner with us in our new two-way Resource Exchange option. Why? Because we believe that two-way giving, when done right, is more compassionate and healthier for all parties involved; those receiving resources and for those giving them.

Q: What’s the difference between one-way giving and two-way giving?

A: Typically, one-way giving is when someone receives something from someone else with no questions asked. Two-way giving requires a partnership of sorts, where clients and volunteers opt-in and share resources for the mutual, social and economic benefit of one another. This cooperative effort becomes a legitimate ‘give and take’ relationship. We still offer limited and one-way giving when temporary relief efforts are deemed helpful or necessary.

Q: What does this mean for me on Seeds of Grace distribution days?

A: We will be inviting SOG clients to participate in our new two-way exchange option. This plan includes wearing a name tag on ‘Exchange’ days and on a client’s 5th visit, individuals will be asked and invited to:

❶ Join us at a ‘Pay It Forward’ event where a variety of Resource Exchange tasks will be completed in a team environment.


❷ Sign up to chat with a Resource Exchange Consultant.

We believe everyone has been uniquely created with different passions, strengths, gifts and talents that can be shared with those around them. YOU have God-given abilities that can be used to help improve your own life’s situation AND in the lives of those around you. Ask us how you can partner with us in this life-changing endeavor today!

“Regardless of ones life’s circumstances,
everyone has something to bring to the Exchange.”


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