What We’re NOT Looking For…

When someone is involved in a leadership position in ministry, it quite often requires finding others that are willing to join them in achieving the ministry’s mission and vision. It’s not the most popular task on a leader’s To Do List but it certainly is one of the most important. I have never felt comfortable using the term ‘recruiting’ someone to fill a position in children’s ministry. Although it’s only a word, I truly would rather ‘invite’ them in, encouraging them to see how God just might use them, even without all the skills they think they may need.


Recruiting has never been an easy task for me and yet Kreek Kids is currently in need of an elementary team teacher which offers a flexible and rotating schedule. One of our key teachers and ministry leaders, Michelle Turner, is moving to Eastern Washington. She will be greatly missed at Allen Creek Community Church and I’ll be one of her biggest cheerleaders from afar! So in the mean time, it looks like I am in a position that requires me to extend an ‘invite’ to someone to join us in children’s ministry. But instead of listing a few things we may be looking for in this person, I have decided to share a few things that we are NOT looking for:

  • We’re NOT looking for someone who is ‘perfect’ for the role but for someone who has a willing heart and has a desire to grow.
  • We’re NOT looking for a ‘professional’ but someone who cares more about what they can learn than what they can teach.
  • We’re NOT looking for someone who is so ‘proud’ of their gifts and talents that they could easily fool others into thinking they have their spiritual walk all figured out.
We’re looking for a ‘potential’ large group leader or teacher. Someone with a willing heart, who wants to learn and to be part of a team that works together, providing a fun and safe place for elementary children where they can grow in their faith. Is that ‘person’ you or someone you might know?


With NO ‘pressure’ applied, I would love to talk to you! (over coffee…if you’re a latte fan) You can contact me at twila@ac3.org and 425-319-8043. Feel free to ‘share’ this note with others who may be looking to get their gifts in the game at AC3.

Join us as we continue our efforts to be the BEST HOUR in every family’s week!
Twila & Kreek Kids Leadership Team

BTW…you can take a ‘Test Run’ during the month of April on Sunday mornings with no long term commitment. Consider it a one-time serve opportunity! Kreek Kids on Facebook


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