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As Christmas is behind us and we are heading into a new year, I am reminded that what we do matters when it comes to making an impact on the next generation. Just watch the face of a child light up as they open a Christmas present! You can almost feel the anticipation and excitement that resonates throughout their entire little bodies. If a simple present can influence what a child feels so deeply, just imagine how much more our daily ‘presence’ in their lives and the words that we say, can and do, impact our children.

Children long for unconditional love and our presence. They desire to belong to something bigger than themselves; to live in a healthy community of family, friends and mentors. They need to make real life connections with us as their parents, family members and other caring adults that are brought into their lives. Our presence makes a lasting impression on them and writes on the slate of who they are.

The statistics remain the same. Parents are the #1 influence in their child’s life while family members, teachers and caring adults are a close second. No matter what your role, large or small, you are making an impact on the next generation.

As a children’s ministry leader, one of my passions is to help families and children’s ministry volunteers to find ways to share their ‘presence’ together with the next generation. We do this in part at AC3 by running our weekend children’s programs as a co-op. Parents and volunteers are both involved in the staffing of our weekend children’s programs.

Parent & Volunteer KK Co-op Meeting

It is my hope and prayer that in the coming year, our families and children’s ministry volunteers will feel even more connected, loved, encouraged and well equipped to raise up the next generation, and doing so in healthy and biblical community.

If you have ideas or family events you would like to share or see posted at Kreek Kids TEAM Central or information to help us grow as a ministry team, please let one of us on the Kreek Kids Leadership team know.

Together, we can make our presence known to the next generation!

Mission 3:16

Psalms 78:4


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