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In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God.


Our Christmas service at AC3 this year will feature ‘The Story’, an awesome, modernized musical rendition of the Christmas story. In true AC3 fashion it’s imaginative, creative and filled with talented people expressing their love of Jesus through song and theatrics.

Our ironic God


For years, I’ve known that God gave me a voice for singing but I never knew what I was supposed to do with it, and frankly, I shied away from it as I have ZERO technical training and was afraid to get on stage and sing. Well, with some pushing from my immediate family and my church family (you know who you are!), I decided I would put myself out there and see what happens.

The audition was a few months back, I received good reviews and was told that they would let me know when there was a spot for me. A few opportunities arose but there were other family events on the weekends preventing me from singing on stage. When I received that fateful email asking everyone their availability for the month, I looked at the family calendar and realized that the only week in December that was available was the week of Christmas.

This is the way God works in my life, he finds my worldly shortcomings, like this one of being timid about getting on stage, standing behind a microphone and singing and gives me no choice but to put my faith in Him and push strait through my limiting beliefs.

So here we go, a child of the one true God, not singing harmony in the background of a worship service for our church (like I would have chosen), but thrown right in to sing a lead vocal in the musical climax of our CHRISTMAS MUSICAL PROGRAM!!

Thank you Jesus and thank you AC3!


With 3 rehearsals in the books, I feel incredible, like I’m doing exactly what God had intended for me to do, much like loving my family, completely changing my career path and starting this blog have felt since AC3 led me to the truth about our Savior. There’s no possible way that I could feel like this without the amazing production team at AC3. It’s unimaginable to have a more patient, talented, loving and passionate group of people than these.

The first 3 days, there’s been a lot of “hand holding” so to speak, there’s no doubt I need it as this is all new to me. On day one, I couldn’t find my cues, I was running in the wrong direction half of the time and felt lost yet EVERYONE stayed calm and coached me to where I needed to be.

Tonight, after day 3, I’m filled with confidence and excitement to share ‘The Story’ of Jesus Christ, our Savior coming to earth in the flesh to redeem us from our sinful bodies. Being a small part of this story, His story in this powerful house of God that my family calls home is a great honor and I’ll be praying diligently in the coming days for strength to perform well and to honor God well this weekend.

Go, tell it on the mountain…


So, AC3er’s and non AC3er’s alike, please join us as we tell this amazing story, the story of Christmas and how Jesus came to us in the flesh to save YOU! These people are amazing and ‘The Story’ will be enjoyed by all.

Now go! Let’s fill this house up all weekend! Make sure everyone you know is invited, in person, on Facebook or wherever else that anyone will listen, it’s a story worth knowing….

Click here to go to AC3’s website for details on times for encounter services this weekend.

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  1. Rick Thiessen

    Can't wait to see the performance. A little birdie told me, you got skiws..

  2. Roger

    Love it! It's Awesome to be serving with you!

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