One Follower of Christ’s Jackpot!

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A Christ Follower’s reward

I heard our leader, our Senior Pastor Rick Thiessen say at the end of the night, ” To you AC3 regulars, use this as your pay day, know that this is why you spend the long ours serving, giving your time and your creativity to God and to this church and let it fuel you until the next”.

Amen! That’s what baptism night is all about for the people following Christ, it’s the reward of sharing our faith so that others may know Him and can find their own walk with Jesus and ultimately accept Him as the leader of their lives and forgiver of their sins. This is the culmination of our work in the community, changing lives for eternity through the power of Jesus Christ.

This night was more than that for me, much more…

It all started earlier this week, I knew my Mom was going to be attending the baptism class to learn what baptism means according to the bible and according to AC3’s leadership. In typical Rick Thiessen fashion, he had the wheels turning in my Mom’s head when she left the meeting. She knew her heart had been changed by the Holy Spirit, she knew that she’d accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, but her thoughts went to how to tell the story of how God had touched her life and how she came to know Him.

Mom’s Testimony

I certainly wasn’t prepared for the story that she would tell, Mom’s a bit of a crier and knew she’d struggle with reading it in front of the crowd on the night of the baptism so she wrote it down for Rick to read.

There were four main points, the first, that my Grandma decided to break from the baptist church that she’d grown up in and let my Mom decide for herself about her religion, looking back, she was incredibly grateful for this as it was all part of God’s plan to reveal Himself in her life.

The second and third were holding the hands of two of her favorite people as they took their last breaths on earth and joined Jesus in heaven. My great-aunt passed on a few years back and my Grandma just this past February. These two ladies were the kindest, gentlest most loving people you will ever meet and both of them knew that they were headed to a room that the Good Lord had prepared for them. There is no doubt about the profound affect that these two women’s faith had on my Mom, she was next to my Grandma for her entire fight with cancer and eventually watched it consume her best friend. One of the toughest people she’d ever met became as frail as could be and her faith in God never wavered.

Completely Breathtaking

The fourth, well the fourth was me. She said that in the past few years she’d watched me completely transform. The fact that I could even be mentioned in this testimony with two women whom my Mom loved dearly and witnessed them passing on to their eternal life is still blowing my mind as I write this.

She said that she’d watched me become a “true believer” and that the peace I’d found in my life was the final piece she was looking for from God to accept Jesus in to her heart for all eternity. My mind is seriously blown by this, all I’ve done is try to follow God’s word. Try to be the best man I can for my family, my community and try every day to be full of faith that God loves us and sent His Son to save us. I’m certainly not perfect, my walk has had it’s ups and downs like any other, sometimes more ups and downs.

Mom honored me in such a way that is unfathomable to my former self. She asked that I be the one that baptize her, that I get in the tub with her and not only witness her public declaration of faith, but to be right there with her through the beautiful display. I was infinitely blessed to do so.

There were 11 baptisms tonight, all are special, I love every one of God’s children that proclaimed their obedience to Jesus today, but this one will stick with me for all eternity. The energy in the AC3 building was unlike any I’d ever felt, the music, Dan’s sermon, all of it had amazing energy. The Holy Spirit was as strong as I’ve ever felt it at our church. Thank you for this night Jesus.

God’s lesson in all of this for me…

Whether it’s your Mom, a coworker, a friend, possibly a foe or just a passer by, how they see you living matters and it matters greatly. Be the light on the hill that Jesus called us to be, be the salt in the community and in our culture that desperately needs it. You never know who is watching and you just may be the reason that someone’s eternal life is saved. Don’t underestimate the power of just living the way God intended you to in a community that needs you…..

This wasn’t your average Christian pay day, this Christian hit the Jackpot tonight!!

Thank you so much to my church family for being there to share it!

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  1. Misty Creel

    Does anyone have pictures of Emily & Eddie please?

  2. Jared Galde

    It was an incredible night brother!! Thanks for being there with me for a night I'll never forget!

  3. Twila Crain

    Can I just say...'Pay Day' is awesome:)

  4. Dan Hazen

    Thanks, Jared for letting everyone see this through your eyes. It's good to remember that in the midst of church hardship and challenge, God is still working in individual lives and families - and it's those individuals and families who release God's power back into His church.

  5. Rick Thiessen

    thanks Jared - it was truly breathtaking to see what God is doing in our world.

  6. Dj Carnes

    Having the opportunity to witness so many baptisms was awesome! Seeing you "dunk" your mom was truly amazing!

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