Our Story

Allen Creek Community Church was started in 1995 in a North Marysville living room, with nothing but a Bible, 15 people, and a vision to create a missional church for the unchurched. 13 of those original planters went to Willow Creek for its first Leadership Summit, which launched AC3 into its core building phase. 

After one year of developing leaders, small groups, weekly worship and some infrastructure, we started our very first Connection service, September 29, 1996 – a weekly inviting-event designed to present the claims of Christ in a creative, accessible and challenging way. 70 people showed up to hear our first series ever: “Dear God, Save Me From Your Followers.” People soon realized there was something a little bit different about us:)

Since then many things have changed at AC3, but our commitment to creating a safe place where every seeker in Snohomish County can become a fully devoted follower of Christ has never wavered. We’ve seen over 300 previously unchurched adults follow Jesus into baptism. Over two decades, those very souls have launched ministries to serve seekers, the needs of our city and the poor both here and around the world!


AC3 Early Years

Remodel 2011

Project Legacy 2011

Celebrating 20 Years 1995-2015

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