Monthly List of Events


4-WK Series: Wonder Women of the Bible

           (5/19-20 ‘In But Not Of’ during Women’s Retreat WKND)  

5/1    Parent/Child Dedication Class 6:30-7:45pm (Orange Room)

5/4-6 Rebel Force Youth Retreat @ Cedar Springs

5/6    Foundations Starts! A-to-Z Basics of the Christian Faith

          4 Sundays @ 9am (Orange Room)      

5/16 & 23 Grow-A-Row Open House (Seeds of Grace 11:45am & 4:15pm)

5/12-13 Mother’s Day Weekend & Parent/Child Dedication

5/18-20 Shine! Women’s Retreat @ Homestead Snohomish


6/6 Baptism Class 7pm (Conference Room)

6/16 NO SAT. Service – Strawberry Festival Grand Parade

6/17 Father’s Day – Dad’s, Grads, Baptism & Business Mtg.

Summer schedule starts! SAT. @ 6pm & SUN. @ 10am only (Followed by social time and worship. No Extended.)  

Senior High Morph @ 6pm (Auditorium) D-Group 4:30pm -1st, 3rd & 5th TUES.
Contact Wayne 425-343-3529 to join! 

Men's Search & Rescue Group @ 7pm (Conference Room) 
Moms as Mentors - 2nd & 4th Tue. @ 10am (Blue Room - Children welcome) 

Men’s Study, Coffee & Doughnuts @ 7am (Conference Room) 
Seeds of Grace Food & Resource Exchange - Open 1-2:15pm (SOG) 
Junior High RELIC @ 6pm (Auditorium) D-Group 4:30pm -1st, 3rd & 5th WEDS.
Contact Wayne 425-343-3529 to join! 
Marysville Farmers Market Mtg. @ 6pm 4th WED. Monthly (Conference Room)
Contact Shawn 425-359-4856 with your questions. 

Thrive Women's Study - 1st & 3rd Thur. 9:30am (Blue Room - Children welcome) 
Essence Women every other Thur. @ 7pm (Conf. Room) - Trina 425-737-4061) 

First Fruits Farm Meeting @ 10am 1st SAT. Monthly (Place TBD - Jan 425-268-7949) 

Saturday: 6pm followed by light meal & worship. Extended @ 7:45pm. 
Sunday: 9 & 10:30am with Worship between services. Extended @ 11:40am. 
Children's programs 0-5th grades during our 6pm and 10:30am services.

Additional event details, AC3 stories and blog posts at:  

During August we do church differently and suspend our regular weekend services. Pause events will be posted here. See Special Schedules for more info on the Pause.