AC3 Groups

Find a group that is just the 'right fit' for you!

At AC3, real community comes in many different shapes and sizes, with different types of people, different styles, different activities, and different commitment levels. But the goal of EVERY environment at AC3 is to create a safe, authentic, relevant and caring place where participants can take the next step on their spiritual journey. Contact group leaders for summer and holiday schedules.

AC3 groups are always growing and changing and include women's, men's, marriage and 'open to all' type of groups and activities. See the list below or when you're here Saturday or Sunday check out our info center and wall in the lobby as new groups, events and activities emerge. You can also request more information on current groups by emailing the AC3 office.

  • EXTENDED Group Discussion

    Can't get enough of our series and applications discussion time?

    Join our EXTENDED format on Facebook! In this group we'll use prompts from the weekend teacher (usually Rick) to encourage deeper Bible learning and application on the weekend topic. You can also watch our service and Extended discussion times on Facebook most weekends.

             Contact: Shea Caperoon - Request to join
  • Foundations

    Essentials For The Christian Faith

    New group starts SUN. 5/6 @ 9am in the Orange Room

    This  4+ week group picks up right where INVESTIGATION left off, by exploring exactly what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and the A-to-Z basics of the Christian faith. Topics like prayer, the Bible, the nature of God and being part of a church are covered. Most FOUNDATIONS groups are made up of “Graduates” of a previous INVESTIGATION groups; but people wanting a practical refresher course in the "Christian essentials” are welcome to join in as well. Contact: Shea Caperoon

  • women's groups

    Inspiring Life Change through Community

    Woman 2 Woman Bible Studies

              Contact: Deb Jarnigan

    Thrive Women

             1st & 3rd THUR. 9:30am (Children OK - Red Room)

              Contact: Twila Crain

    Essence (Recovery Bible Study)

              Every Other THURS. @ 7pm

              Contact: Trina Perry

    Moms as Mentors

               2nd & 4th Tuesdays 10am (during the school year)

              Contact: Jaime Dodds

  • Men's Groups

    Challenging and Engaging Community

    Men's Coffee and Doughnuts

              Wednesdays @ 6:30am   

              Contact: Tom Jarnagin

    Search & Rescue

              Tuesdays 7pm

              Contact: Josh Hills

  • Marriage Groups

    Because Marriage Matters

              Fit 2 Be Tied

              Contact: Tracy & Twila Crain

  • Prayer & Care Teams

    Open to Everyone

    Do you want to be added to our E-mail prayer list? Would you like to be on our Prayer team? PIT Crew usually meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings. Contact Jan Hayes to confirm time and place.

    Do you have a prayer request for either our team or the e-mail prayer list? Simply email and let them know your request. 

    Growing Our Care Team

    Care Team - Have the gift of hospitality, mercy or encouragement? Have a shepherds heart? Join this team which helps AC3'rs who may need a meal, a visit or even a simple card of encouragement. Contact Dan Hazen to get connected!

  • lend/share/borrow

    This Lend/Share/Borrow was created primarily as a way to create a "library of stuff" and was inspired by an AC3 series called Mutiny. Request to join this group, list items you may need, share or give and start building community by getting to know each other better. 

    Contact: Tracy Blake

  • Sports

    Get in the Game!

    Throughout the years, many AC3'rs have been involved in a variety of sports and activities. Activities vary and range from football, volleyball, softball, fantasy league sports as well as other fitness and outdoor related activities that you can watch or participate in. 

    We have 2-3 coed softball teams who play during spring and into the early summer.season They play on Sunday afternoons at MPHS. Stop by and root them on.  Contact: Nate Crain

  • New GroupS

    Start your own group! AC3 is ALWAYS interested in seeing the number of small groups grow! If you're looking to start your own group and need help getting started, contact Executive Pastor Dan Hazen and he'll point you in the right direction.