Kreek Kids

Raising Up Heroes in the Faith

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Saturdays: 6pm | Sundays: 10:30am 
Where? The AC3 Education Center

Kreek Kids Weekend Mission: "To be the BEST HOUR in every family's week!"

Kreek Kids Co-op Mission/Vision: "Partnering with parents to raise up the next generation of heroes in the faith."

  • Kreek Kids is a co-op ministry, serving with parents and AC3 volunteers to insure strong weekend programs.

Good communication with parents and volunteers is important, especially in children's ministry. LIKE and 'follow' us on Facebook and sign up for our Hero Update Monthly to keep in the info loop:) 

We hope the following links and downloads (below) help grow a partnership and understanding of why we do, what we do in Kreek Kids.


Downloadable Parent and Kreek Kids Ministry INFO

Child Dedication

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Kreek Kids Online Training

Our team website is designed with BEST HOUR volunteers and AC3 parents in mind! Here you'll find Kreek Kids volunteer 'must know' info along with other valuable online children's ministry training.