• Co-op Mission/Vision: Partnering with Parents to raise up the next generation of heroes in the faith.
  • Weekend Vision: To be the BEST HOUR in every family's week!

Knowing that parents are the number one influencers in their child’s life, we choose to partner with parents in their efforts to pass on a legacy of faith to their children. We ask parents, who call AC3 home and have attended AC3 for six months, to support our weekend programs by volunteering just 1-2 hours a month, either in a classroom, our nursery, at our check-in desk or by supporting the co-op by doing simple behind-the-scenes projects.

Good for kids,
healthy for our volunteers

Our co-op model* is not only good for our children, it provides a healthy support system for our volunteer teams. Children need to know that faith-based learning is a priority in their household and our ministry volunteers need to feel supported and valued.

Get Involved

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity (Video)
“We leave what we live, not our intentions.” (author unknown)

Get on the Fast Track to Legacy!

There are 'perks' to our co-op format! Parents partnering in our co-op program, are moved to the head of the line. They are automatically enrolled in our Fast Track Check-In program. Fast Track (FT) parents can use our electronic 'self' check-in kiosk when arriving with their children at Kreek Kids which helps expedite their check in process. 

FT parents also receive numbered key tags. These key tags help check children in and out of Kreek Kids safely and quickly during weekend programs with no pick up slips needed.  Mobile passes are available upon request.

a GROWING TREND in churches

In March of 2010 , The Kreek Kids team, along with insights from families and AC3 leadership, officially became a co-op ministry. Co-op children ministries are currently the growing trend among churches for several reasons: Churches realize parents are the most influential people in their children's lives. Children’s ministry teams understand that they can no longer effectively do children’s ministry or provide safe staffing ratios without the support of parent involvement and support.

Parents are called to be part of the faith training process of their children (Proverbs 22:6, Psalm 78:1-8, Deut. 6:1-9, Deut. 11) so churches are taking active steps to partner with parents in their legacy creation efforts. At AC3, parents along with other caring adults serve in our co-op format just 1-2 hours monthly, keeping in mind individual passions and talents. There are a variety of ways parents and others can serve that will fit their own individual giftedness; inside and outside the classroom.  

You can also take a peek at a few other kids ministry co-ops opting into this new trend @

We are always looking for ways to improve our co-op format and how to make Kreek Kids the BEST HOUR in every family's week! Contact Twila to meet over coffee and discuss the possibilities!