give online


  • Why use online giving? Online giving is a safe and convenient way to support the ministries of AC3. It also allows you the benefit of setting up recurring giving so that you don’t miss an opportunity to give even when you are out of town. 
  • Can I give with my credit card? We do not want anyone to go into debt to make a donation to the church and for this reason we do not accept credit cards other than prepaid credit cards.
  • Does the church pay fees when I give online? Yes. The church pays a small % fee when you pay online. You are able to cover the fee during your transaction if you would like. Bank account transfers have a significantly smaller fee than debit card and other transactions. 

Other tithing and giving options are listed below.



Simply place cash or checks in the offering boxes in the AC3 lobby anytime during weekend services before Extended. There are two offering boxes, one on the north end of the lobby to the right of the doors. The other box is on the south end of the lobby, in the hall next to the bookshelf. Be sure to include your name and address on the check or envelope, so that donation credit may be provided for tax purposes.


Set up AC3 on your bank's bill pay system. You can set up a one time payment or recurring payments. This is a FREE service through most banks and doesn't cost AC3 any fees. The checks arrive from your bank and are processed and recorded as if you hand wrote the check. Use the memo line to designate different funds. 


Online giving is available at AC3 through our secure provider, Church Center. You may give using an electronic check (ACH), which transfers funds directly from your bank account, or you may use a debit/credit card. Funds may be designated to any of the funds listed (General Fund, Living Waters or Seeds of Grace.) Please note that the AC3 office cannot cancel or make changes to your online gifts. Also the Board of Directors does not want anyone to incur debt by using a credit card to give to the church. AC3 incurs a small transaction fee every time a gift is given through this method, you have the option to cover this fee during your transaction if you would like. 


If you shop at Amazon, buy through Amazon Smile instead. Choose Allen Creek Community Church as your charity and 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the church. Click here to go directly to AC3 Amazon Smile.