Why AC3?

  1. You can hang with real people, like yourself. (get connected with social activities, community outreach and class electives, when YOU'RE ready)  
  2. You'll feel welcomed but not harassed. (no one will contact you, unless you want to be)  
  3. We have great kids and youth programs. (check out our Kids & Youth links)
  4. Your family has options! Join us SAT. @ 6pm or SUN. @ 9am or 10:30am. (Kreek Kids: SAT. 6pm & SUN. 10:30am)  
  5. You won't be preached "at" or bored to tears. (we use drama, music and multi-media on stage to help you connect with the day’s message) 
  6. We won't put you on the spot. (feel free to blend into the crowd)  
  7. We have cool music. (no aunt Betsy singing her favorite hymn, again)  
  8. We won't beg for money. (and we don't pass an offering plate)  
  9. We offer great munchies. (donuts and refreshments on Sunday; a hearty snack that rivals any dinner on Saturday)  
  10. Dress is casual and comfortable. (no fashion police show up here)

Not convinced? Meet the Staff.