kreek kids team central

Welcome to Kreek Kids Team Central! We understand that your time is valuable so we're choosing to bring some of our ministry training to you online. With everyone's busy schedules these days, what could be easier?

Kreek Kids Volunteers...

          who train and review ministry basics regularly are happier while serving and are stretched deeper in their faith.

          who share their ideas with each other, raise the quality of our children's ministry for today and tomorrow.     

          who know what they do matters, make a positive impact on the next generation of our littlest heroes in the faith.

Engaged learning can give you a fresh sense of purpose, joy and true satisfaction. We want this for you! Do you know of any online training or ministry ideas that would be helpful to our co-op parents and Kreek Kids volunteers?  Please let us know. Together, we can help make Kreek Kids the BEST HOUR of every family’s week!  Twila

online video training

Skill Builder Videos are from Kids Kount Publishing. Although their videos are more traditional in church style, the skills taught complement our teaching style and their passion for ministry is contagious. Watch, learn and earn a latte' or two! 

  • 2-minute training - something 4 Everyone!

    Snack size training videos provide a quick tip or two to help you in ministry THIS week! Review 2-3 videos a week and watch your ministry skills grow! This link has something for everyone. Learn how to best welcome families, understand our 2&3's, 4&5's, 1st-4th and the 5th & 6th grade students and helpers in our ministry.  (12 videos = One Creek Espresso Latte') Email Twila when completed!

  • Teachers & classroom leads

    This library of training videos (3-10 min. each) are practical and insightful. Watch the Skill Builder videos for LG Presenters (5) and Shepherds (8) first. Other Skill Builder categories are available at this link including some great tips for student & adult puppeteers (8)!  (8 videos = One Creek Espresso Latte') Email Twila when completed!