From the beginning C.A.R.L. (Compassion Alignment Relationship Legacy) helped form our vision for an AC3 Community Center that would run "Business as Mission" (BAM) meaning that the Center would generate its own funds to support it's programs and staff: a self-sustaining ministry. This could be done through rental income, but also through the operation of businesses that (in addition to cash flow) provide opportunities for job training, internships, relationship, artistic expression and products/services that serve our community. 

During 2014, the BAM Board along with several AC3 volunteers successfully opened Creek Espresso, located inside AC3's lobby. This espresso endeavor thrived (we are caffeine addicted Washingtonians after all) and has been successful in creating new start up funds for a BAM business. Enough so, that our BAM board has continued to be on the lookout for a business opportunity that would be just the right fit for AC3‘s Business as Mission endeavor, and it looks like we‘ve got one; The Marysville Farmers Market!

The idea of forming a farmers market has been a dream for several AC3'rs since the formation of the First Fruits Co-op, our farming project started in 2010. 

A farmers market has big potenial for the community of Marysville. It's seasonal, it's healthy and it has the potential to bring new commerce to our community! A community market place seems like a natural fit and a great place to reach out and build new relationships with others in our community, outside the walls of AC3. 

With a Market Mentorship Program currently in formation at Seeds of Grace, it appears to be a great time to raise community awareness for our Seeds of Grace Resource Exchange and its mission to extend a helping hand up to those with less in our community.

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