First fruits co-op

The First Fruits Co-op is a group of committed individuals from AC3 ~ Allen Creek Community Church and elsewhere, who plant, cultivate, harvest vegetables, keep bees for honey and share the produce with each other and Seeds of Grace for food distribution days and internship projects such as the new SEEDS Market Mentorship Program. 

You might say, “I’ve heard of this! It’s a C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture)!” You’re partially right...but there’s MORE! Read on... 

While Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is not a new idea, making it a Gospel endeavor might be. Where a CSA simply provides its paying customers with produce, First Fruits adds a few wrinkles: 

  • Most members provide the labor to grow the food themselves. 
  • A lion’s share of the harvest is contributed to the AC3 Community Center and the Seeds of Grace Resource Exchange. 

FIRST FRUITS MISSION STATEMENT: Loving God, one another and our community by producing and sharing wholesome foods in a Christ-centered community. First Fruits Co-op (video) 


November-March each year we meet offsite at 10:30am place of meeting to be announced prior to each meeting.  


April-October: the first Saturday of each month 10am at the First Fruits Farm. 

The Farm

8832 99th Ave NE - Arlington, WA

Call Jan Hayes 425-268-7949 for directions. 


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Download the First Fruits Mission Statement and membership outline in PDF format. (Membership fee's are for an entire year. No monthly fees.)

If you have more questions about the First Fruits Co-op, contact the First Fruits Co-op Manager, Jan Hayes