Recognizing that all people matter to God, and therefore matter to us, the purpose of Allen Creek Community Church is to provide every seeker in Snohomish County a place where they can become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. = REACH & TEACH

To accomplish our mission we choose to DO church differently, not just a different way of doing church services. We are committed to a Vision with a threefold pattern. We believe that this pattern is a comtemporary expression of the New Testament church. 

(Acts 2:42-47)


We exist to: CONNECT seekers with the truth in a safe environment where they can check out the claims of Christ at their own pace, COACH one another along in our own spiritual journeys and to COMMUNE with God regularly so that we might passionately seek Him and His will for our lives. 

For a closer look at AC3 and why we do what we do, consider attending our AC3 Mission class.