A little bit crazy? You be the judge!

  • Rick Thiessen - Senior Pastor

    Rick has a way with words. His teaching style brings each week’s message to life in an understandable and relatable way. That is, until he throws out that ‘big’ word that has us all rushing to our online dictionary! He also can act. What would AC3 be without our Church Lady and Jerry, one of our favorites from the Lizardo Brothers lounge singin' duo? From stage to the pulpit, Rick’s love for God and people and the ability to make us laugh and learn has us feeling right at home.  Rick's Bio

    Meet the Staff - Rick (video)

    Office: 360-659-7335 EXT. 201

    Weekend Series Teacher/Ask Anything Blogger

    Co-Host of AC3 Weekly Video Blog

  • Dan Hazen - Executive Pastor

    Dan's life appears to be a confused one: A hodge podge of interests from playing the drums to sustainable agriculture, to 7th century Anglo Saxon monasticism; 20 years with AC3, 25 years with his wife Brenda and a lifetime in the Puget Sound area, plus a short attention spa...he also really likes the outdoors.

    Meet the Staff - Dan (video)

    Office: 360-659-7335 EXT. 205

    Weekend Series Teacher/Discipleship Lead
    Co-Host of AC3 Weekly Video Blog

  • Johnna Thiessen - Creative Teams Director

    Johnna is committed to keeping the 11th commandment: "Thou shalt not bore AC3ers and their friends with the good news of the Gospel." Her passion, creativity and programming team help set up AC3's weekend messages using skits, video, music and other creative elements on stage week after week. Who knew growing as a disciple could be so much fun?

    Meet the Staff - Johnna (video)

    Office: 360-659-7335 EXT. 204

    On Stage

  • Kellie Ade - Assistant creative teams director

    Kellie is well, let's just say it...gifted! She's a musician, singer, actor, writer, cartoonist, blogger and an artist just to name a few. Many of us secretly covet her gifts and talents (in a non-covetous way, of course;)  Her humble and laid back personality never shouts, "Ta Da!" because she knows the Father who is the giver of all good gifts. (James 1:17)

    Kellie - Volunteer Activist with Talents to Share

    Office: 360-659-7335 EXT. 204

  • Jeff Swanson - Music Director

    Jeff uses leadership, musical skills and a quiet love for God to encourage his team who bring a variety of key songs and worship sets to life each weekend. He has a unique talent and passion for developing young adults as musicians and Christ followers. If you happen to be lucky enough to hear him sing bass, it's sure to knock your socks off! 

    Meet the Staff - Jeff (video)

    Office: 360-659-7335

  • Braeden Crain - Youth Director

    Braeden has attended AC3 since she was about 10 years old. Her leadership gift, creative arts bent, a passion for excellence and her ability to relate with junior and senior high students makes her position as AC3's Youth Director a perfect fit. Her photography skills also come in handy. Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, selfie and social media skills are a must for anyone working with today's students:) |

    Office: 360-659-7335

    RELIC (6th-8th) | Morph (9th-12th )

  • Twila Crain - Seeds of Grace and Kreek Kids Director

    Twila has earned the staff title of 'Up-Cycle Queen' for her ability to breathe new life into props and objects pronounced dead around AC3. But up-cycling people, spiritually and physically, is her true passion. From our littlest seekers in Kreek Kids to those wanting a hand up in our community, she sees and encourages the 'who' they can become in Christ. 

    Meet the Staff - Twila (video)

    Office: 360-659-7335 EXT. 202

    Seeds of Grace Resource Exchange |  Kreek Kids 

  • Trina Perry - Saturday Evening Kreek Kids Director

    Trina, AKA Titanium Teacher in Kreek Kids, must have the secret super power to 'flex time' whenever she needs. How else could she pack 30 hours of activities into a 24 hour day? Her get-‘r-done approach to life, work and ministry serves her well as our Saturday night Kreek Kids Director and for the many ministry projects that she leads around AC3.

    Meet the Staff - Trina (video)

    Office: 360-659-7335 EXT. 203

    Kreek Kids

  • Sarah Ade - Office Administrator

    Sarah's winsome smile is the welcoming sight you'll see as you walk through AC3's office doors: Tuesday-Thursdays 10-4ish.  Her God-given gift mix and fun personality draws her outside our office doors weekly to serve in youth ministry, meet with individuals and to lead our communication and first impression teams. She's more than an office administrator, she's our Wonder Woman!

    Office Administrator

    Office: 360-659-7335 EXT. 200

  • Chandra White - Prepare The Way Preschool Director

    Chandra is affectionately known as AC3's Preschool Whisperer. We're not quite sure how she does it but her soft and gentle way of teaching young students builds them up and brings out the best in each and every child in her classroom. If you're looking for a Marysville preschool, be sure to check out Prepare The Way

    Meet the Staff - Chandra (video)

    360-659-7335 Option #3 or EXT. 214

    PTW offers weekly classes: 3 year olds (T/ TH)  4 year olds (M/W/F)


    Nate takes the lead when it comes to creating opportunities where families and individuals can 'do life' together. He understands that authentic community is key to real growth; as individuals and followers of Christ. He is an active father of two busy boys, husband and a softball and golf enthusiast. Yet he still finds time to volunteer a large chunk of weekly hours as AC3's lead video and graphics developer. 

    Nate - Video/Graphics Guy

    Set Up/Take Down - Lightning Speed! (video)

    Videographer of AC3 Weekly Video Blog

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