Meet C.A.R.L.

C.A.R.L. was created with data collected during our Five Year Initiative planning process. AC3 programs and ministries, current and proposed, are evaluated to ensure that they meet one of our C.A.R.L. objectives. 


  • AC3 desires to become a public space where a church meets, not a church space that tries to appear public. 
  • A space for anyone to come and BELONG.
  • Not “if you build it they will come” but "we will GO and build it.” 
  • An “outside the walls endeavor” opportunity to build relationships corporately AND individually. 
  • Bring the church TO people, not people TO church. 
  • Compassion Teams Video


  • We will re-deploy resources from PROGRAM BASED ministry to RELATIONSHIP BASED ministry. 
  • AC3 will create the environments and offer training for relational discipleship. 
  • The individual must create time and bring their hearts. 
  • This represents a change in CULTURE and must be modeled by AC3 leadership.  
  • Alignment Teams Video


  • A variety of environments (Containers or “programs”) in which discipling relationships develop and grow. 
  • Communicate clear, simple NEXT STEPS for every person who intersects with AC3. 
  • Acknowledge the change in “relational temperature” at different points in the cycle.  
  • Relationship Building Teams Video


  • AC3 must reach to, and embrace the next generation more intentionally. 
  • The next generation is hungry for relationship with “older” believers. 
  • Programmed approaches are generally rejected by the next generation.      
  • Legacy Teams Video