Allen Creek Community Church (AC3 for short) is for people like you. Real people. At AC3, we take God very seriously so we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love expressing our message on stage through the arts, we love being authentic with each other and we love our community. We think you’ll find us a safe, laid back, ‘come as you are’ kind of place. We know that Jesus’ message has sometimes been clouded, confused and even abused. So, part of our goal is to simply untangle His message and let people evaluate Jesus’ claims on their own terms; without forcing stylistic or cultural “extras” on them; extras that aren’t important to God, and frankly drive many of us away from church altogether.

We’d love to partner with you in your spiritual journey and share the hope we’ve found. It’s really cool!
We'd love for you to find a connection here. 

Check out how it all began on Our Story page.

We are a member of the Marysville Area Pastors Association and the WCA.


Why is the Heron hidden in plain sight all around AC3? Well, real Blue Herons inhabit the banks of Allen Creek, which runs through our church’s mission field. But more significantly we noted that the Heron is a great fisherman – and Jesus calls his followers to be “fishers of men”. We call people into the Kingdom of God and “catching” people – seeing true life change as God’s grace takes hold of a person – is what we’re all about. 

The Heron is also a very patient fisherman. Patience defines HOW we like to catch people at AC3. We want to be patient; patient with people’s questions, with their doubts and hang ups, creatively, lovingly communicating God’s grace until the day they respond in faith. That’s why you see the Heron so much at AC3 – so next time you’re around the building, see how many Hidden Herons you can count!